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F1 And Done OFF TOPIC: Richard Petty, Danica Patrick, Michael Sam, Kaetlyn Osmond, Vladimir Putin, Eddie Irvine, Richard Sherman, Marius, and Jigaboo Jones

F1 And Done OFF TOPIC: Atomic Wedgies, Dennis Rodman & North Korea, Schumacher’s Brain, New Jersey Politics, Possible USGP Cities, Magnets, NFL Playoffs, Spoiled Boston Fans, Lakers Hatred, Frozen Water Trick/Scalded Genitals

Podcast 20: 2013 Finale! Zwarte Piet, Denny Hulme, Gaylord Perry, Al Davis, and ED-209

Our sincere thanks to everyone who gave us a listen this year.

Remember what Chuck Bronson said: “This. Ain’t. Over.”

Podcast 19: Texas Is The Reason, Mrs. Webber, The Price is Right, Brazilian Cowboy Hats

Podcast 18: All Things Red Bull, The F1 And Done State Of The Union, Purple Drank And Brisket

Podcast 17: Championship Edition! India, Small Teams: Who Needs ‘Em? Abu–Dhabi– Doo

Podcast 16: Suzuka Rules, India? Elizabeth Smart, Bhopal, Cronin Threatens F1 Fans With Bodily Harm…Again

Podcast 15: What A Wonderful Time To Be F1 Fans, The Koreans Don’t Care But The Japanese Do, Gung Ho!, Cronin Commits Harakiri

Podcast 14: Judgement On Rush, The Singaporianese GP, Kim Jong Un and The Iron Sheik, Safety Sux


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